Who Wants To Play The Sushi Cat Game - Is There Anyone Up For It?

Developed by Armor games Sushi Cat is one of those games that gets a player focussed on racking up as many points as they possibly can. Here's a story that starts out with a cute little romp mirroring the peg board game from Japan known as Pachinko. This web based game that can be shared on Twitter and Facebook to compare global scores, is also accompanied by the delightful rhythmic sounds of reggae as the player chills and the game gets underway.

The hero of our Sushi Cat game is a lovable purple cat who faced with a series of encounters needs to gain much needed pounds. Encountering a sumo wrestler, he comes up with a bright idea to bulk up and chow down all the sushi he can find along his upcoming travels.

Pieces of sushi are scattered across various platforms accompanied by buffers and bumpers as our furry purple friend goes about his food frenzy quest. With a pair of chopsticks at the top of the screen the player takes careful aim dropping him down a chequered path so he can gobble up as much sushi as he can before he hits the bottom.

Each level of the game requires our bouncing purple cat to eat a required amount of sushi rolls so the player hits "Full Belly" and moves on to the next stage of hurdles earning bonuses and score multipliers depending on where the friendly feline bounces and lands.

Proceedings seems pretty much down to good fortune although kitty's flexible body takes on the form of a balloon as he gobbles his way from start to finish. He gets increasingly heavier and larger as he negotiates his way through the moving platforms and tightly assembled pegs and this affects his journey as he bounces from side to side and how much food he can collect upon his way.

Everything starts out simple but as the game advances through the levels the pathways become cluttered. Our kitty now has to contend with sliding angled platforms as special bonuses are picked up along the way.

Sushi Cat is a great game to play and the unexpected innovative soundtrack that plays in the background as one takes their first look at the game, really sets the scene for a fun relaxing time. Time to bring on that full belly, ready to play?