Facts about Angry Birds Rio

In the rise of mobile gaming, one application sounded hard for the last years, that app is the Angry Birds Rio. Gamers who use this app are really fond of its graphics (landscape, animations, birds' caricatures, etc.,) and sound effects, but they do not really know or understand what the game is about. Angry Birds is first released last November 2009, and just two years after its release, it is the first game that achieved a total of 500 million downloads. According to the developers of the game, Rovio, the Angry BirdsRio and other franchise have a total of 40 million active users, making it evident that it is widely and continuously patronized.

Angry Birds Rio and its other franchise hit the gaming market because of several reasons. First, it is an easy game. All you have to do is to hit and not think hardly. Second, the game come with progressive levels, making users eager to finish a level in order to unlock characters that come with different attacks to destroy the blocks. Third, the falling of the debris is not by chance since the angle and pressure of the birds are scientifically calculated. Lastly, the game is just simply outrageous.

People who are playing Angry Birds Rio and other franchise are not aware the reason behind why these birds are angry. The simple answer for that is, they are angry because the green pigs that are protected by the debris stole their eggs. The gameplay is basically about these birds trying to destroy the hide-out of the green pigs. The enemies are protected by rocks, stone, crates, woods and ice, and the goal of the birds is to destroy those materials. Players use a slingshot to aim the bird to the pigs. The objective of each level is to kill the enemies.

It was mentioned before that the game is outrageous, and indeed it is. Imagine this, most of the birds can fly so why does the player needs a slingshot to shoot the birds against the debris. Second, the birds in the game are wingless, but the only wingless birds are Ostriches. Lastly, why do pigs stole eggs? These out of the world curiosities can only be solved by the players. But there is no need to think deeply since the goal of the game is just to make you enjoy and have fun.

The franchise involves other game with Angry Birds characters. Some of them are the Seasons, Lite and Rio. These games can be played through personal computers, Mac, iPhone, Android phones and tablets.