Things to Know about the Minecraft Game

Minecraft is creating a buzz this year because a movie version will be released under the Warner Bros. studio. As a matter of fact, I had a difficult time explaining to people what the game is about but basically, Minecraft is about building your own infrastructures using virtual raw materials. The game has two modes of playing, the first one is the creative mode wherein I have the supplies I need so I can just build whatever structures I want. The second mode is the survival type wherein I have to first for the virtual raw materials before building my own structures. Somehow, the game under the survival mode is realistic in a sense that the workers also have to get food in order for them not to get hungry while searching for materials and buildings. Also, in this mode, I can get to construct shelters and weapons in order to protect my abode against zombies and other enemies.

Many people find that playing Minecraft is such a bore since it is not fully packed with action unlike those violent-related games and some sports-based games. One of the reasons why Minecraft became popular is that it gives players the freedom of creativity. Users like me can customize how the structures will look and how the workers behave. Also, there are already communities in Reddit and YouTube that give tips about the play, making more people engaged.

On the early stages of the game development, many gamers are complaining that there is no thrill since there is no much fighting. That is why the developers started to create boss characters that should be defeated. the first one is called the Ender Dragon while the second is Wilther. Defeating these bosses is not only about strength since the workers of the community in the game have to collect special materials in order to defeat them. Also, in order to add some thrill in Minecraft, players can create adventure maps wherein they can focus on combat battle and solving puzzles rather than solely creating infrastructures.

Minecraft can be played with PC and Mac. In this version the game has the most features as compared with the game played with Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, you can play it using iOS or Android, making you bring the game anywhere and play it anytime you want.