An Overview of Diablo 3's Reapers of Souls

Diablo Game has been creating waves for years when it comes to the role-playing game community. In this year, the development team behind the game revealed some juicy and new details about the Diablo 3's expansion titled as Reaper of Souls be about. In an overview, it is obvious that the expansion pack has better Adventure Mode, tougher bestiary and some monster mash-ups that is called as Nephalem Rifts.

In the Adventure Mode of the Diablo 3 game, the mantra is about going anywhere and slaying anything in the game. The motive will be achieved by giving the character of the player an access to all game's waypoints, making them have the freedom to choose about the method of killing and the access to maps available in the expansion pack. In Reapers of Souls' Adventure Mode, players can have bounties and these bounties can serve as the gamer's tour guide that gives destinations and events to join in.

The senior software engineer of Diablo 3, Stephen Wong, said that the Adventure Mode of the expansion comes with goals so that the entire play has motivations. The bounties available in this game can be randomized, and the gamer may experience different types of activities. Some of those are the boss fight, clearing a dungeon, completing a special event, and killing a unique monster. In the game, some bounties are made in order for the players see paths that are off-beat. Meaning, before a gamer participate in an event, he must first killed a certain monster from another map. In this manner, the player can gain experiences that levels him up in order to join a certain campaign. The good thing about these bounties is that when completed, the player is awarded with glittering prizes such as Rift Keystones and item drops.

Reapers of Souls version of the game is more thrilling and exciting because of the fact that gamers can experience and encounter new breeds of monsters that come with different behaviours. There are more interesting beasts appearing in the Blood Marsh area, and they come with the name Brutes and Boggits. Be careful with these creatures since they work hand-in-hand. Another interesting character is the Realm Walker. This one is a beast that calls creatures through a portal from other dimensions. When you kill this beast, you will be able to enter a small dungeon in the middle of another battle.