Build Your Own Empire with Civilization V

Civilization has been already successful in the past years, and this time, they are out for a new adventure since they are releasing the Civilization V that comes with more intuitive tricks, new mechanics and ideas. Playing the latest version of Civilization can be intimidating. Running an entire city for a span of time is difficult especially when the citizens demand you to give more. To help you out, here some guides that will help you throughout the game.

The first thing that you should do is to settle your city. In Civilization V, all settling places start the same way, unless you modify the settings or use a mod. Normally, you will begin with a warrior and settler hanging in the middle of the field. It is up to the gamer to build a capital city, but it is best to establish this immediately so that the people will be prepared and prospered immediately. The best tip that you can use is to settle in a place with an immediate access to food. You may settle your characters on grasslands and hills so that you can mine for gold. After this, expand your people and look for luxurious items such as gems and silk. The places that you should avoid are the desert plains and near the sea shores.

After you settled in a place, the next thing that you should do is to have a Scout or Warrior who will be responsible for looking places where you can expand. It is suggested that you use a warrior in searching so that he can fight against wild animals or enemies along the way. The next key for building an empire is to assure your people's' happiness. You can achieve this by providing them better shelter and giving them the appropriate natural resources. Take note that a happy community is a progressive one, and this is the key to start a huge colony.

The game is about expansion and progress, as the game moves, you will also increase the land area you acquire. You will know that it is the time to expand when the resources in a place get empty and when the area you acquired is too small for production. Also, it is a good time to expand when you have plenty of workers and warriors. Civilization V is not only about making an empire, it is also about winning. You have to achieve at least one goal in a game. You may choose in the four campaigns:

  • Cultural Victory: Establish Utopia Project and complete 5 Social Parties
  • Diplomatic Party: Convince other nations to make you the world leader
  • Science Victory: Be the first among all nations to build a ship to Alpha Centauri
  • Domination Victory: Be the last standing civilization

To conclude, the game is about looking for a place to settle, expand, take care of people's happiness and set yourself the victory you want to do.