You Can Lose Yourself for Hours in Addictive Video Games

People who casually play video games may have fun with them, but they never really lose themselves in the game. On the other hand, people who take gaming as a fairly serious hobby may find themselves losing hours and hours because they get sucked into the game and don't realize how long they've been playing. It's always "one more level!" or "I just want to beat the next boss!" But, of course, there's always another level or boss after that.

Online role playing games seem to be one of those addicting games online that really suck people in. Games like World of Warcraft (WoW) can take up an entire day, especially once players find friends in the game. Husbands and wives of devoted WoW sometimes refer to themselves as WoW Widows because it's like their spouse has died...when, of course, they're only dying in the game, but that doesn't stop them--there's always a healer around to bring their characters back to life!

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There are some casino games online for adults that are fairly addicting, too. These games are just like sitting down in an actual casino. Players get so caught up in the excitement of winning that they don't realize they've skipped lunch (and sometimes dinner) until their stomach growls so loudly it wakes up the dog. But these long online gaming sessions can be really rewarding if the player is winning. If they're losing, well...that's a totally different story. Did you know that you can increase your chance of winning by following some tips and taking advantage of online bonuses? Find more information on, an amazing site for gambling guides, French casino reviews and top bonuses.

But a game doesn't have to be an online casino game or even a console video game to be really addicting. Just ask someone who plays Farmville or Candy Crush. These little games can be just as addictive. How many people have spent hours taking care of their cows and growing wheat in Farmville? Candy Crush is just as crazy--it's incredibly fun, but it's also very frustrating when you can't get past that one level no matter what you do. What's the solution? Connect the game to Facebook and ask your friends for help, of course! Especially if your friends are just as addicted as you are.

Is there anything wrong with playing addicting games online? They're really fun, and you can meet some great people doing so. As long as you remember to eat every now and then (and feed the pets and/or children), it's really no different from watching TV or sports for hours. So let yourself disappear into a virtual world for hours on end every now and then. Just don't forget work on Monday morning. If you are ready to immerse yourself into the realm of online poker, why not try it out for free at by using the bonus codes at Here you can find all sorts of free play opportunities for an array of poker sites. Why pay when you can play for free?